Ah, June... National Candy & Iced Tea Month, and the month with most daylight. Lovely warm evenings outside with my friends, Sol Food, silly stories and serious board games. Looking forward to the hot days, county fairs, the smell of barbecue, and all the fun things that summer brings. 

Things I like

warmer days

phone calls from friends

looking forward to Easter

chubby baby legs

floral dress weather

spring cleaning

listening to Theo read me stories

longer days = later sunsets = more time to take photos

Cabin Fever


   Little Henry has chicken pox, so we've been cooped up inside for the last 3 days. It's hard not to go stir crazy staying inside the house for that long... We've tried to make the best of it by making forts out of blankets, dancing in circles to bluegrass music, and watching absolutely every single Thomas & Friends DVD we own.